Trust Yourself to Make the Right Business Decisions

We all have doubts about whether or not the choices we make are right, but just when can you determine how to trust yourself to make the right choice at the right time?

Learning how to trust yourself is a process..

Let’s just think about this for a minute. What exactly might it have been to get those successful people to take the leap?

You tend to trust in yourself when the pleasure outweighs the pain.

Unfortunately, studies reveal that the pain usually outweighs the pleasure. You begin trust yourself to go on that diet, but then when nobody notices how great you look, and you start feeling tired all the time, and that ice cream sundae really looks good – you slip.

The only thing that brings lasting change is to experience the pleasure for change AND the pain for not changing – all at once.

And what about trusting yourself to become a better businessperson?

While making the decision to establish rich habits is a nice thought, we tend to slip back into our comfort zone all too often.

In fact, psychologists tell us that the harder you try to break a habit, the more certain it is that you will fail…

This seems paradoxical, and yet most of us have had this experience. What you think about generally becomes your reality. If you are constantly thinking about your bad habit, it will never leave your mind; it will never go away.

For the most part, most of us are very good at negative self-programming. Do you do this? When you get home from work, you plop down in an easy chair, take a deep breath, settle into a comfortable state of mind, and then start thinking about everything that went wrong during the day?

If you go over in your mind everything that has gone wrong and everything that can go wrong, then this is what you’re creating! You are reinforcing your troubles, deepening your problems, and prolonging your difficulties…

… and the more you reaffirm those difficulties in your mind, the more you just can’t trust yourself…

So this leads us to your first step in learning how to trust yourself…

Get those negative thoughts out of your head! Don’t think about your past screw-ups, as the past does not equal the future. Fill your mind with inspirational stories of how people who started off with nothing became rich and famous. These are not exceptional stories; they are the norm for most people who have become successful in business.

Very few successful people started off with a leg-up. In fact, it was the struggle that was their greatest asset!

When you are forced to undergo a tremendous battle in your life, this brings about a new realization that you can trust yourself to come through on the other side.

How to Trust Yourself Step Two: Remind yourself of your past accomplishments where you have learned how to trust yourself daily…
If you know how to swim, you don’t wonder if you’ll be able to swim when you jump in the water, you KNOW you will. If you drive, you don’t wonder if you can make it down the highway without hitting the other cars coming within a few feet of killing you each day… you just KNOW and you trust yourself that there will not be an accident.

Trusting yourself is different than believing… it’s knowing.

And that knowing comes only from experience. You would never know how to swim without first jumping in the water. And you would never know how to drive without first learning how. Think about your accomplishments and pat yourself on the back. How did you arrive at those accomplishments? Well, that leads us to step three…

How to Trust Yourself Step Three: Taking action.

You might be an expert swimmer today, but you weren’t born that way. And you might be an expert driver today, but you had to go through a learning (and perhaps fearful) experience at one point in your life to accomplish that skill as well.
You might be saying, “Well that’s different, I was younger then.” True, most of us who have learned something that seems second nature today were very young when we learned. But then the question prevails; “how come only the youth are fearless enough to get out of their comfort zone?”

It’s only because, the older we get, the more we have to compare to.

Consider your alternative…

When you’re a baby learning how to walk, there just is no other alternative than to learn how to walk, because you see everyone else walking and you want it too!

But when we get older, we get to “comfortable” with our hum-drum lives.
So, if you’re considering jumping into an entrepreneurship business, what you need to ask yourself is, “What is my alternative?” “Am I satisfied enough with my life that I won’t mind working this same job day in and day out until I die?”