How to Generate an Income Using the Business Ministry Model

In a previous article I introduced you to the Business Ministry Model of funding. The big question remains, how can a Christian organisation, ministry, or mission successfully implement a profit making business without being distracted from the task it has been called to do? This is exactly where the secret lies! If you’re not a businessman or woman, don’t try to do it yourself! Running a business is a specialist function that requires a business specialist to run!

By no means should your business ministry interfere with, or distract from your spiritual ministry and calling. I want to emphasise, it is very important that you never allow your attention to your actual task and calling to be compromised.

Appoint a Business Manager to your Ministry, Church, Organisation, or Mission

Recruit an individual who possesses the required business aptitude, experience and skills, and who has a calling and vision for God’s work, to initiate and run the business projects on your behalf. It could be a member of your church, a family member or friend, a supporter of your ministry, or an employee of your organisation. What’s important is that this individual must possess the required qualifications and experience for the job.

Qualifications for a Business Ministry Manager

  • The most important qualification is a calling. A Business Ministry Manager, like any other work for the Lord, is a calling — not a job! In other words the candidate must know that this is what the Lord wants him or her to do and he or she must have a vision for supporting God’s work, distinctly apart from a business aptitude and qualification. For this reason it is obvious that the candidate must be a born again Christian! Never be tempted to appoint a person solely on the basis of his or her qualifications! Remember, although this is a business, it is firstly a ministry!
  • The candidate must have the necessary aptitude, interest, experience, education and training for the position. If you have a specific business plan of your own, the candidate must be qualified for, and experienced in the field of business you envisage entering. The specific qualifications and experience required will obviously vary in relation to the nature of business you are planning to establish. However, there are certain skills that are common to all types of business such as, leadership, entrepreneurship, business sense, a measure of financial skills, marketing skills, computer and internet literacy, etc.

Don’t expect to find someone who perfectly measures up to every requirement. Remember that additional skills can be acquired through training, or an additional person can be appointed or contracted where specialised skills are required, for example website design.

The Importance of Internet Marketing in Business

In a previous article I showed you how Kwasizabantu Mission in South Africa has successfully implemented a Business Ministry Model on their farm. But you don’t need a farm to implement a Business Ministry Model. The entire world economy is represented on the internet. The internet has reduced this whole world economy into a manageable tool that can be manipulated from the tip of your fingers in your own home. It is now possible to sell your product anywhere in the world with the push of a button! The internet opens up a whole new world of opportunity for ordinary business people and has given an entire new meaning to the concept of marketing. It will be important to market your business effectively on the internet; not only your business, but also your ministry.